Redneck Writer Road Report #21: Westward, Whoa

From idyllic lake visit to the first of two marathon driving days, it was an abrupt shift. I wanted to minimize our drive time and streamline our departure for the next day. While this day would be the longest joint driving/library day we had left, I had to drive on to Houston the next day after [...]

Boehner’s Blunder: How Suing Obama Can Destroy the Separation of Powers

“The problem with what the president is doing is that he’s not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system. He is becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid. That is the concentration of power in a single branch.”  December 3, 2013, testimony of George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley before the […]

Corn Ma(i)ze

This blog post was meant to be a light mid-summer snack, inspired as it was by my happy consumption of a tender ear of corn-on-the-cob for a July dinner. My post gained some weight in the cooking process, but perhaps you will ingest it anyway. I cannot say how digestible it will be.   My […]

Redneck Writer Road Report #20: The Tale of the Otter

Growing up, I had the world’s best parents. OK, well, I still do. (Thanks Mom and Dad.) I also had the world’s best “second parents,” their dear friends from North Dakota that they met when the “dads” were in medical school in Dallas. As I grew up, my second parents were a constant. The dads [...]

Kindle Unlimited: The Key Questions | ReBlog of David Gaughran

A must read: My thoughts: I’m going to have to stand down and wait to see what shakes out after the first month. I am concerned on the impact this will have on the perma-free strategy that has of late been so successful for me and Bookbub as the one truly effective means of promotion,

Redneck Writer Road Report #19: Siri Boots South Dakota

Our resounding conclusion about South Dakota, other than that Siri didn’t know squat about it, was that it was windy. Like plant some trees and huddle the cows windy. The Bookmobile got buffeted around like a prairie schooner at full sail, and a few times Eric’s knuckles turned white. I may or may not have [...]

Keys of Life Sienna Plantation Book Club Party Rocked!

Keys of Life Sienna Plantation Book Club Party Rocked!.
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Keys of Life Sienna Plantation Book Club Party Rocked!

A big Thank you to the wonderful Sienna Plantation Book club for picking Keys of Life for their Book of the Month. The food and wine delicious and the discussion great. Amaiya, one of the members shared her fantastic pictures of Abu Simbel in Egypt. Phyllis, Geneva, Sandra W and Sandra L hosted the party.…
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Kickstarter – We are Live! I need your help, I am asking for your contribution to our mission and vision to make Bobby’s Socks into a film. If we get the film made, we will follow through with our workbooks, and our sock company! If you like what we are doing, contribute, if you cannot afford to contribute, tell […]

Redneck Writer Road Report #18: Who’s the One With the Mustache?

Some days you’re the windshield, and some days you’re the bug. On this day, I was the bug. Migraine meltdown. I’d like to think it was random, but we ate out the night before after 20 days on our cleanse with shakes and no chemicals, sugar, gluten, yeast, etc. Oops. I was a bad girl [...]