Labor Day Tribute

  The message to this wonderful video: We work, accumulate, toil, labor… for what? It is easy for our work to feel meaningless. This short explores the tension and frustration that comes from defining our purpose from work. ‘Meaningless’ is … Continue reading

The Domestication of Goodness

In a piece for the The Imaginative Conservative, Bruce Frohnen bemoans our contemporary glorification of ‘niceness’ as an intellectual and cultural virtue. Niceness, he explains, is the “enemy of excellence” because it is: A rather shallow set of habits and attitudes more concerned with comfort than engagement, ease than excellence, contentment than striving to do one’s […]
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Writing Contest Deadline is Now Sept 15

Get your entries submitted TODAY! HOUSTON WRITER’S GUILD’S 2014 FALL CONTEST! The deadline, September 15, 2014, is around the corner.
Contest is open to all writers (regardless of publishing status) with original, unpublished work. First place in each category wins $75. … Continue reading

Fourteenth Grade

Well, this was first day of school week at our house. Lots of first days. Liz, her senior year of college in Orange, CA. Susanne her senior year of high school in Bellaire, TX. And Clark Kent, his first day of almost-fourteenth grade at the University of Houston. Our new Cougar is starting a new […]


Alzheimer's victims need to keep their mind occupied, otherwise you can't imagine the mischief they can andwill get into.  Throughout the disease's progression, some of the mind stays in the real world.  Problem is, we don't know which part.&...
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National Dog Day: The Adventures of Pink Petunia – Lesson #1 – A Woman’s Shoes

Hi! I’m Pinky. I’m a guard dog. I’m a fierce hunter! Woof! Sorry, Pinky is my owner’s nickname for me.  I should let you know up front, I actually own them, but they just don’t know it. I allow them to live in the fantasy world that they are in charge; it’s good for their self-esteem, and it […]
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Stories The Brain Tells Itself

I’m a happily married guy with a family and a new puppy. My wife is my soul-mate, the love of my life, my anchor in life’s storm. She’s so cool I’m planning a novel based on her life, and after all our years together, I’m still eager to get home to see her each day, […]

Lifestyle: Tarot reading – the art of divination: Interview with a tarot reader

Games used for divination and esoteric purposes have always been an object of curiosity for many, and even today, serious professionals who study the divinatory arts of cards are searched by those who want to have guidance to act and improve their chan...

Through My Lens

As I reflect upon my vacation this year, I center on the glitter to the glue of my family. The stuff that makes them glow through difficult circumstances, yet, not fall apart. It is the Strength in their sails, the … Continue reading

Writing Characters with Addictions

Writing a character well is a process. The writer must think of the character as a whole. Characters have habits. Characters have a past. Characters are complex. A character may have faults, and on the other hand, they may have gifts. A character may be deranged. What made him/her deranged? Born that way? Or the […]