Back in the HSSR

Back in the Houston Steam, Stench, and Rabble, that is, as in TOO HOT and TOO DAMN MANY PEOPLE. Ah, there’s no place like home, is there? So I came back home nearly a week early, because I had teenager issues on the home front. My mother had to leave, and their father Edward couldn’t [...]

The Best of Both Worlds of Bookstores

You’ve heard me expound on the virtues of independent bookstores (indie-bookstores) and how important they are in the world of book selling. They are gatekeepers to literacy, pushing good books out in front of our noses, and encouraging all ages to read. Each small bookstore has its specialty, and personality. My latest favorite is River […]

Location: Cairo’s best fast food falafel sandwich

I was told not to miss a falafel sandwich in Egypt, because it's supposedly one of the best. While in Cairo, there was a nice Middle Eastern restaurant at our hotel,  "Nubian", right out by the pool, facing the timeless pyramids. "Falafel" was ca...

Tides Signings

At a panel at the Barbara Bush Library in Cypress, Texas. From Left: Myself, E.L. Russell, Rebecca Nolen and Lilia Fabry.I love that I can now plug Tides of Possibility up for sale on Amazon as a print of ebook, and that means I'm also promoting all of...
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REVIEWERS have found HETTY'S SONG, The Death of the Skylarkto be a captivating heart-felt story of a young girl making the journeyfrom despair to triumph. I INVITE YOU TO MEET HETTY --AMAZON KINDLE SPECIAL -- $.99 THROUGH AUGUST 2."Hetty's Song, The De...
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Birthday Boy

  Celebrated hubby’s birthday. Cooked him a nice lasagna meal with the family.               Hard to believe that this good-looking boy would waltz into my life one day.             … Continue reading

Letting Clarence Drown

An Off-Season Reflection The bridge scene in Frank Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life is one of the most meaningful in all of American film. Until recently, though, I had never given it much thought beyond what Capra undoubtedly wanted us to think about it. George Bailey, in a bind and contemplating suicide, has his mind diverted […]

The Night Visitor by Dianne Emley

Such a Page Turner! Rory has a successful cosmetics company but is still haunted by the death of her company’s representative model, her twin sister. So much mystery surrounds her sister’s murder: Junior, the man found next to the model in a vegetative state from a gunshot wound to the head was Rory’s fiance, his […]

The Malaysia I Know and Love

Malaysia has been in the news lately.  I’m sure you know about the tragedies of Malaysian Airlines flights MH 370 and MH 17.  Unfortunately, the coverage accompanying these terrible events doesn’t come close to depicting the Malaysia that I know and love.  There’s much more to this Southeast Asian nation than the images of crash […]

Big Times in Big-D

When you are driving to Dallas in July, the last thing you think will happen is that the temperatures will be below the high nineties. But when I pulled into the DFW Hilton in Grapevine, the Dallas suburb near the airport, it was only 82. In Texas, in July, this constitutes a minor miracle. It […]