Author Blogging: Yay or Nay?

Another post by Eric “Excuse the Typos” Hutchins, the last of the series he wrote on his five-week trip to Siberia. Should an author blog? It’s all about perspective. If your goal as an author is to attract new readers to your published work I think you are wasting your time writing a blog. There

3rd Grade Boy

Stare back at me 3rd Grade boy with these same hazel colored eyes, There you are, standing still, wondering about that little girl with brown hair, Fresh faces forever intertwined within the image, black and white, Frozen together from a forgotten spring day, So I closed my eyes searching into my dark past, And I ride […]

A to Z with C. S. Lewis: C is for Courage

Christian theology makes a vital distinction between special and general revelation. Special revelation refers to those moments when God has communicated directly with the creatures he made. For Christians these moments include the inspiring of the Old and New Testament, the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses, the various theophanies when God manifested his […]

Professor Quan’s – Skin Sensor Machine

Well, I decided to provide an interesting link from Weekly Newsletter, because the link is titled: “How to create a large-area visible light-invisibility cloak”.  Since Fishing for Light is a satire, obviously, I was having a bit of fun creating Professor Quan’s Skin Sensor machine that he used to alter his appearance, as in the last […]

My Favorite Russians

I. This week I teach Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, a wild ride of a novel that gets you into the head of a murderer.  It is heavy stuff, hard to read, and not because of the sentences.  You feel like you are on a roller coaster, in the mind of someone who might be a sociopath, […]

The Writing Process: Some Questions, Some Answers

The Writing Process (a blog tour)

My dear friend and awesome writer, Dora Machado, author of The Curse Giver, passed me the baton for the Writing Process Blog Tour. This means I have to answer four questions about my work. Here are my answers:

What are you working on?

A new thriller, of course! It's called Unallocated Space, and I think it will be my best book so far, filled with great characters, exciting technology, and a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

There are a lot of great thriller authors out there, and to stand out you really need to create stories that are distinctive, so I put an enormous amount of thought into coming up with story ideas that are truly fresh. Second, my "signature" as an author is a storytelling style that readers find hard to put down.

Why do you write what you write?

That's easy. I write stories I'd love to read myself.

What is your writing process?

I sit down and start writing, and that's not a glib answer. I've tried outlining and planning the story in great detail, but that doesn't work for me. It feels like painting by numbers, and it robs my work of the energy of spontaneity. Naturally, I have the broad story in mind before I start, but the details are created on the fly. It makes writing a lot more fun for me.

I’m passing the baton to:

Catherine Lea - My friend and fellow thrillerist, Catherine Lea, is a great writer who pens exciting tales filled with deep, memorable characters. She's an even more remarkable woman who lives and writes from New Zealand.

Brooke Monroe - My beautiful daughter Brooke has finished her first novel, a gripping YA fantasy that's gonna turn a lot of heads when it hits the market. She (thankfully) lives near me here in the Houston area.

Lea Ryan - This friend has one of the most amazing gifts for language I've ever run across. The words in her paranormal fantasy stories are almost melodic. She also has a really cool blog where she reviews the latest movies she and her family watched.
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Quarterfinals! Yippee!

Yeah, yeah, I said I wasn’t going to blog a mere 24 hours ago. But I have big news! After two 90% cuts of the field, Finding Harmony now stands in the top 500 books in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. It’s categorized under Romance, because whaddya gonna do with a novel that is as [...]

Writing Inspiration: Author Blog Hop

I’ve been to participate in an author blog hop as writing inspiration! There are four questions I’m to answer as humorously as possible. I received the invite from Rebecca Nolen author of “Deadly Thyme” and “The Dry.” More info on those here. Here’s more about my writing: 1) What are you working on? I am ... [Read more...]

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Warm Socks

After a mild springtime storm, as her mother watched from behind the kitchen window, a young girl with a long blond ponytail sat on the first step for the home’s back wooden porch. She slipped on her rain boots over her colorful socks. She forged into the sun splashed backyard, and down a moist dirt […]

How to Get a Cow to Cross a Bridge in the Himalayas

As they say, “you can take a girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”.  Previously, I wrote to you about The Long Road to Rodeo with my steer Sebastian.  Let me now share an intercultural cow story. In the early 1990’s my husband and I traveled in […]