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Hetty’s Song, the Death of the Skylark: Plain, in gray homespun and prayer cap, gifted teenaged Hetty has one desire in life. To sing. hettie's sonBut the Brethren tradition in the mountain village of Singer’s Glen, Virginia, forbids a girl to perform in public.

Tragedy forces Hetty to live with her austere grandmother until catastrophe pushes her to run away and seek shelter with an eclectic group of Christian ladies living in a former Madam’s house in Ohio. Under the tutelage of a noted maestro she becomes a famous singer, the new Nightingale of Cincinnati.

Naïve and vulnerable to the ways of the world, Hetty fears the curse of an ancient evil skylark which is ever present, ever threatening to send her into a spiral of illness and disorder. She falls under the spell of a man, finds herself pregnant, and at his mercy. She must decide whether to marry this man, the father of her unborn child.

The skylark sings as her husband cruelly forces her into his life of lies, gambling, and crime. At the breaking point, to avoid succumbing to his evil, she fights with her one last weapon: she wills her voice to silence. Will the skylark’s curse triumph or will she be the greatest singer to come from the Shenandoah Mountains?


Dear Mama, Love Sarah . . . Did You Hear Me Cry? tells of suffering, love, and redemption. Sarah’s Patriot family disowns her when her husband, Reuben, remains a Tory and leads a regiment in the Battle of Ramsour’s Mill where the Patriots are victorious and the Tories routed. Wanted by his enemies, Reuben hides leaving Sarah to tend aBAndrews Book large plantation under enemy siege, rear thirteen children, and await his return. When he reunites with his family, Sarah strugggles as he refuses to accept himself as vanquished. They are forced to move to the squabble lands of the frontier and Kentucky. Through all, almost twenty years, Sarah writes Mama, reminiscing her past happy childhood, telling the joys and sorrows of her children and pleading for reconciliation.

During their shattered lives, Reuben’s belief that the British would win cuts their life’s thread,separating their hearts from each other. Years pass before he realizes that it is Sarah’s forgiveness which makes them one again. Kentucky strong, she no longer blames him, but loves him.

Reconciliation with Mama does not come. At the news of Mama’s illness, Sarah and her thirteen children desperately trek to North Carolina to reach Mama before she dies, but arrives too late. Mama, in death, finds a way to tell Sarah she loved her.

ISBN-13: 978-1462058983

the sotweed smugglerThe Sotweed Smuggler, the 2010 historical fiction winner of the Houston Writer’s Guild, tells a story of suspense. Will Sherewell, the son of a prosperous merchant marine captain, learns when his father’s will is read, that he has inherited his ship. Living with his pious mother, he has little knowledge of sailing and anticipates a majestic vessel. Instead, he finds The Emperor’s Dictum aka The King’s Dick, notorious for smuggling sotweed and whiskey between Devonshire and Scotland.

Will yearns to be like his father and sails the Dick, enduring ridicule, fierce storms, pirate attacks, and curses of legendary fairies and ghosts, while finding companionship with his runaway brother and discovering the woman he wishes to marry. In spite of his father’s spying, treachery, murder, and Scottish border intrigue, Will learns he served Scotland with honor defeating the outlaw MacGregor Clan. With the new knowledge, he believes his father is their captive.

He receives a Scottish certificate with a handwritten notation “dead.” Did he at last find the truth? Will must choose to accept the veracity of the document, or launch a futile one-man attack on a MacGregor stronghold. Reluctantly accepting his father’s death, he sails home to his new wife at Mothercombe Bay.

ISBN 978-1462062485

A member of the Houston Writers Guild since 2005, Bobi Andrews has tapped her historical family to write award winning fictional stories inspired by real people living through real events in early America.

Bobi’s memorable characters provide a reading experience of frontier living, personal hardships, love of liberty, and personal triumph.  It is our history made alive.

Andrea Barbosa

103_0098Massive_Black_Hole_Cover_for_KindleMassive Black Hole is a surrealist work of fiction that explores moral issues concerning suicide, abortion, friendship, betrayal, life’s purpose and the existence of hell through the lives of 3 protagonists. Three women from very different backgrounds begin an unlikely friendship. While trying to achieve their goals, they question the meaning of life, death and the existence of hell. A series of unfortunate circumstances prompt them to play with each others’ fate, and the outcome is a challenge to their conscience, values and beliefs – until there is no more redemption to their unexpected awakening. At 18, Cibele, from Brazil, dreams of a life in New York and moves to the big Apple as an au pair girl where she meets the precocious Amy, a young scholar whose goal in life is to study sciences and astrophysics. When they meet Agatha, an ambitious young woman from Texas who wants to become a famous fashion model, their lives are weaved together and they become friends – a friendship that ultimately turns into a maze of betrayal, jealousy and selfishness, culminating in a most unexpected finale years later, when they are in their 40′s.

Andrea Barbosa was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism. She loves to travel and write. She maintains two blogs and is a contributor on Yahoo Contributor Network and Yahoo! Voices websites. “Massive Black Hole” is her debut novel. Her work has been influenced by contemporary authors Paulo Coelho, Fernando Sabino and Joyce Carol Oates, among others.
Massive Black Hole is her first novel. You can follow her blog and also find her on Goodreads and Facebook. Follow her on twitter at @AndyB0810.

ISBN: 978-1484875322Holes in Space cover

Holes in Space is a collection of poems by author Andrea Barbosa. Love, passion, lust, heartbreak, desolation, loneliness, celebration: these are some of the themes captured in this poetry collection; reflections of time, tiny holes in an endless open space, intriguing possibilities, where anything can be accomplished with the power of words. The book features beautiful photography to illustrate the poems.



Isla Redding (Isla is pronounced ai lah), an American, travels to England, her mother’s birthplace, and the scene of her mother’s suicide. There, Isla’s investigation is assisted by her uncle, who is her only ally, until Rory Sunderson from Scotland Yard reveals a plot that explains the mysterious end to her mother’s life. A forbidden attraction ignites between them, even as Isla becomes the killer’s next target. This is a gripping tale of love, murder, intrigue, and revenge.



Crosstown Park is a social/legal thriller with a spiritual twist.  Alex Stockton’s impulsive decision to represent Jose catapults her into an unfamiliar world and an impossible trial.  Her perfect record and judicial future depend upon the outcome.





fern bradyFern Brady

Mel Algood58cd25429a4fd144cb6f7e33c671d10b

Eclectically Carnal is a short story  anthology of hot and steamy tales by local authors.  The sale proceeds from the anthology will be used to help provide free workshops to authors and a reduced cost writer’s retreat scheduled for

June 2013.

Eclectically Carnal.indd

Edited by Fern Brady (Houston Writers Guild member) and Chantell Renee and published by Inklings Publishing with a story by Mel Algood.


Mandy Broughton

Cream Cmandy broughtonape and the Case of the Missing Hamster
What could be better than winning a contest? Winning a hamster! When Cece is given the responsibility of taking care of Harriet, the class hamster, she the case of the flying saucerbungles it badly. No sooner has Harriet been placed in her care when Cece loses the precious pet.

Cece recruits her sister, Dee Dee, to help in her desperate search for Harriet the hamster. Will she find Harriet in time? Is that a ransom note she received? What will she do?


The Casthe case of the flying saucere of the Flying Saucer
The UFO’s have landed! At least that’s what Cece’s sister, Dee Dee, believes. The girls are back on the case investigating strange lights and sounds coming from the field behind their house.

Why does Dee Dee disappear for long periods of time? Are those really aliens lights? Can Cece solve the mystery before her sister goes bonkers?the case of the blue-hair heist

The Case of the Blue-Hair Heist
Memories aren’t the only thing missing in this quiet little community of blue-haired grandparents. When Cece and her sister, Dee Dee visit Gram and Gramps for Christmas, jewelry begins to disappear.

The amateur sleuths investigate the crazy cast of suspects including blue-hair busybodies, furry pets and annoying boys. Is the jewelry truly stolen or have the blue-hairs misplaced the jewelry like they’ve misplaced most of their memories?

the cats last meowA murder mystery novella—The Cat’s Last Meow
Veterinarian Dr. Heidi Knack already has trouble with disorderly patients and their overbearing owners. But when a miserly old man’s cat is poisoned, it’s up to Heidi to find out who did it before he shuts down her practice. As she desperately tries to appease her best paying client, she stumbles upon another victim—this time a human. It’s murder, mystery and mayhem. Can she solve the case before she’s the next victim?

Mandy Broughton has two graduate degrees. With her graduate degree in psychology, she has had the privilege of working with individuals and families during difficult times in their lives. She also has a graduate degree in education from seminary and volunteers in different capacities at her church.

David K Brown David Kenneth Brown

David K. Brown is a writer with great insights into human emotions and motivation. This is apparent from his dynamic characters and powerful story lines. His unique combination of life experiences has created a very special prism through which David sees the world. Find out more on

Mind Sharing

Mind Sharing - David Sanders is a genius. He lives in a time when poor parents of brilliant children like him sell their children’s intellectual ability in a new type of slavery. Up until now David has spent most of his day in a chamber not much bigger than a coffin so that one of the most powerful men on the planet can use David’s incredible mind as his own. A new technology, cranial neuro knowledge sharing, allows anyone who can afford the price to have real-time sharing of knowledge from one person to another for limited periods. For years David was a willing participant and strong contributor to this way of life. Now all that is about to change and David Sanders will be transformed into someone very different. He is about to become the number one enemy of the state.

ISBN: 978-1304834607Raising Men

Raising Men from Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails is a must read for all parents, particularly those with sons. Raising Men provides a practical glimpse into the male mind-set while offering useful guidance that is sure to be of benefit to all.

ISBN: 978-1257022069

BlueprintMarvin Peters was an ordinary man who was content to live an ordinary life. All oBlueprintf that changed one night when without explanation he was led to a mysterious device that could project a video record, a type of electronic blueprint, of future events. What was Marvin expected to do with this knowledge? What were the limitations of its use? What would happen if he did change events? Could he use this device to see his own future? Could he expect help from whoever gave him it to him, or was he on his own? More importantly, was Marvin Peters seeing the future or just being manipulated to alter history? Sometimes the future is what you make it.


FRANK CARDEN Frank CardenFcarden book

The Prostitutes of Post Office Street drops readers into the red-light district of Galveston, where crooked cops and down-on-their-luck prostitutes dwell. Yet, in this seedy part of town, Carden paints a picture of hope as his main characters seek to break free from the ruts that their lives have fallen into.



douglas_carlisle IN SEARCH OF THE FULLER BRUSH MANDouglas B. Carlyle

BRAG Medallion Honoree. Log line: Two women, both dead, save Sean Marcum. A poignant story about a man searching for meaning of his mother’s last words. General Fiction/Family Drama.

Sean Marcum is driven to find the meaning of his mother’s swan song In Search of the Fuller Brush Man. The last words she wrote in her journal were, “Fuller Brush Man”. She always communicated life’s most important lessons via riddles, and he is convinced this is her finale. Sadly, Sean was never good at solving riddles, and his quest turns into an obsession, nearly costing him his marriage, and his life.

Sean’s high school sweetheart, Kim, had a special bond with his mother. She was also a master at riddles. The one-time lovers have been married to others for more than 30 years. Kim’s marriage has been picture perfect, Sean’s not so much. Upon Kim’s death from breast cancer, Sean receives a memoir she penned celebrating their failed relationship. Her book, The Road to Monticello, contains the secret to a long, happy relationship for which Sean so desperately searches. It is a lesson all of us should take to heart.


Vinegarone Front Cover NookVinegarone – where the middle of nowhere touches the center of the universe. Fiction/Romantic Fantasy.

Vinegarone is nothing more than rugged land with few inhabitants and little to hope for. Or is it?

Jeep Allhands says that time bends in Vinegarone, and that life as we know it emanates from a large tree – the Lone Madrone. A descendant of the original Native Americans who called this part of Texas home, Jeep maintains a sanctuary for a handful of homeless men who bask in the humility of this foreboding land as they mend their souls.

Life with his clan and Kimmisue, the daughter of the only woman he ever loved, gets turned on its end when Jeep befriends a confused, homeless woman, Candi LaRue. Jeep does what he does best. He heals Candi’s physical and emotional wounds. Afterwards, he integrates her into the odd mix of personalities at home. Just as all seems to be going right, Candi recalls what brought her to Texas in the first place. She was hunting a criminal, and she can’t give up the chase.

There’s one catch, nobody ever leaves Vinegarone…Boundaries Front Cover

ISBN: 978-1477559215

Boundaries - Where science meets hedonism. Fiction/Psychological Thriller.

Boundaries is a disturbing story about the blurred lines between love and betrayal, freedom and control, fantasy and treachery, good and evil, past and future. Diane Alders is a successful, workoholic sales executive in the medical field who has a void in her heart as a result of the tragic death of her husband seven years ago. Mickey Rollins is a genius and entrepreneur about to introduce a revolutionary new therapy that will ‘repair’ injured or impaired brains. Their sputtering romance hits full speed when Mickey invites Diane to accompany him on a lavish and bizarre vacation to the exotic South Seas intended to stretch their senses, fulfill wild dreams, and bring them closer together. Disaster strikes, and it is Diane who becomes Mickey’s first human test subject. There’s a catch…the healing process requires a surrogate, and Mickey chooses their mutual friend, lover and temptress—the beautiful Suki. The resurrection of Diane that transpires is not only a transfer of physical and cerebral attributes, but a blending of relationships, feelings, and emotions, drawing many into the fray, ending as shockingly as it begins.

ISBN: 978-1482071580

Doug Carlyle grew up in Urbana, Illinois where he graduated from the University of Illinois with, of all things for a novelist, a degree in electrical engineering. After a circuitous journey that took him through 26 glorious years in the semiconductor industry, he began writing great fiction. He also married, raised a family, and relocated to the Central Texas Hill Country. Against this backdrop of mountains, valleys, live water, and wildlife, he is writing fiction intended to touch all of his readers in a very special way. Never being able to choose just one pastime, he continues to practice his 30-year long medical ministry as a paramedic, while filling in the gaps in his calendar writing, signing, or selling his books. Doug is a member of the Writers’ League of Texas and the Houston Writers Guild. You may learn more about him at .

Maria Romero CashTreasures Among ShadowsMarla Romero Cash

A woman is strangled and shot. She was last seen alive at a casino near Santa Fe. Forensic Psychologist Jemimah Hodge is on the case, as is her new boyfriend, Sheriff Rick Romero. The trail has already grown cold when another woman is murdered under similar circumstances. The first dead woman left behind a disgruntled ex-spouse but no other obvious suspects. Gilda Humphreys, the second victim, is another story. First there is her househusband, then there are all her co-workers … It seems no one is shedding a tear…

ISBN: 9781603819084



A federal prosecutor, the nemesis of Washington elite, is murdered at a posh Bayou City hotel. His wife is found with the gun at the scene and her motive is obvious — he did her wrong and she caught him in the act. The wife is arrested quickly.

Perhaps too quickly, Assistant District Attorney Virginia Rodriguez soon realizes, but a dismissal isn’t that simple. Powerful people want a conviction and more than Virginia’s career is on the line — calculating killers have added her name to their list. Virginia is smart and sassy, and she can hold her own against Leo Zachmann, the high-profile defense attorney who has taken up the wife’s cause. But can she deliver Texas justice in a case where the truth is much more elusive than the evidence?

Promises Town delivers a rich blend of memorable characters, a fascinating view of the two-sided search for truth in criminal cases, an intriguing mystery, wry humor, and Virginia Rodriguez, a woman who has it all — a killer of a job, a child and a dog to feed, a house to keep, promises to remember, and no Prince Charming in view.

ISBN: 0970622449


Rob CollinsBob Collins

Soldiering on the Southern Plains follows the story of Retired cavalryman Sgt. Robert Connor who meets Fredrick Remington in San Antonio, Texas in SSP Kindle Cover copy 1905. At dinner with Remington, Remington asks Connor about his days in the cavalry during the Indian wars in Texas. Sgt. Connor speaks about two emotional events which he has kept to himself for over thirty years– the fight with the Comanche on the Llano River over stolen horses and cattle and his love for his Comanche bride, Quiet Moon, whom he met when she and some braves attacked him on patrol near Fort Concho, Texas. Sgt. Connor blamed the post doctor, Major Stewart for Quiet Moon’s death and swore he would kill him if the opportunity presented itself. Major Stewart led the fight on the Llano River.


Elmwood Park is a memoir of romance, time, people, and places with a EP_Cover_for_HWGhappy ending.


Bob Collins is an ex-buffalo hunter and cowpuncher living in South Texas. He has participated in the July 4th rodeo at Field Store, Texas, which is held for the benefit of the Lutheran Ladies Auxiliary Cemetery Association. The rodeo has been sponsored by the Association since 1899. On most afternoons, you can find him eating lunch at Slovacek’s Meat Market (and Exxon station) in Snook, Texas. He writes when the work is done for the day, enjoys a good cigar when he can afford it, and a long pull on a Budweiser beer. Find out more at


Christie_CraigCCraig CoverChristie Craig

Born at Midnight introduces Kylie Galen, who has spent sixteen years trying to figure out who she is, only to realize she doesn’t know what she is.  She’s sent to Shadow Falls, a camp she thought was for troubled teens, but she thought wrong.  Everyone there is supernatural—werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, fairies and witches.  And if she believes them, she’s one of them.

Can she trust them?  As she ventures on a journey of self-discovery, two boys vie for her attention.  But she’s determined not to lose her heart until she finds her answers.  What is she?  This isn’t your average identity crisis.




Mary Lou Davis

are there horses in heavenAre There Horses in Heaven?

Tells the story of two friends who grew up with a shared love of horses. Together they find authentic answers for real life issues among the people, sights and smells of Heathermoor Farm. A gripping read based on true events. A story of faith which you can give to any horse-mad teenager or non-christian friend.

Flight Pathflight path

Frank Barker:A Fighter Pilot A PastorA Founder of Briarwood Presbyterian Church A Servant of Christ.

the truth that transformed meThe Truth That Transformed Me

D. James Kennedy is the author of Evangelism Explosion and the host of ‘Truths that Transform’ and ‘The Coral Ridge Hour’

Jimmy Kennedy was a lonely Chicago kid from a difficult family background who rose, nevertheless, to be his High School Quarterback. Moving to Florida, due to his father’s health, he swapped the quarterback jersey for a tall hat to lead the High School band. Why? It meant he could get to college the only way he could afford – on a full music scholarship. Then, to help pay his way through college, he ran a water-ski boat, played in a band and trained as a dance instructor.

I guess you could say that Jim was an overachiever! Dancing, however, became his passion and he left College to pursue his dream of managing his own dance instruction business. Jim became a national dance champion at 22 years old and was earning a small fortune – about $300,000 a year in today’s money.

But Jim’s future was not in music and dance – but in the arms of a young lady called Anne, who suggested he really ought to go to church… D. James Kennedy (1930-2007) is known throughout the world as the author of “Evangelism Explosion”, & was the senior pastor of Coral Ridge Church in Fort Lauderdale (1960-2007) and as the presenter of “Truth’s that Transform” and “The Coral Ridge Hour”. His ministry has touched lives around the world – now let his story touch your heart and see Jim Kennedy as you have never seen him before.

Mary Lou Davis for many years has worked with Campus Crusade and now works with Campus Outreach, a student work of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

carly18Carly Drake1013 Words Once Spoken_1400 (1) (670x1024)

Words Once Spoken is Carly Drake’s first book and is being published digitally through Escape. The story is a YA paranormal fantasy set in Medieval England, and is centered around a young girl who discovers a secret world she is inexorably tied to. A world filled with the malicious Fey as well as the vampires and werewolves who were once Fey and desire to return home at any costs. Surrounded by a new breed of predators, Evelyn, must discover the truth of her past and where she fits in her new kingdom.


lAURA ELVEBAK lost_witness_laura_elvebakLaura Elvebak

Lost Witness is the story of murder, love and betrayal, and the child who will rip open the lives of a society matron, two feuding brothers, and threaten the future of Open Palms, a Houston teen shelter.



stephanie jaye evansStephanie Jaye Evans

Faithful Unto Death: No one knows that better than Walker “Bear” Wells, a former college football player now serving as a minister in this upscale Texas town, where famous athletes mix with ranchers faithful unto deathand the local parish priest wants to arm wrestle. It’s a beautiful master-planned community, but people can’t be held to neighborhood restrictions, and Bear deals daily with emotional and spiritual problems, in both his flock and his own family.

But never murder. Not until a man is found dead on the nearby golf course, his skull crushed.

Bear has no interest in playing detective. His job is praying for the dead, not searching for their killers. But every time he turns around, another facet of the investigation tangles with his own life…like the fact that the murdered man’s son—and a main suspect—is currently dating his own rebellious teenage daughter.

He made a promise to do the right thing. But keep­ing promises may be what led to murder…

safe from harmSafe From Harm: The ominous text message Bear Wells received from his teenage daughter Jo simply said: “Come home.” The Texas minister never imagined he’d rush back to find her cradling the dead body of her estranged friend Phoebe. While the death rocks Sugar Land, the apparent suicide seems like an open-and-shut case. But nothing is settled in the Wells household, especially for Jo. The deeper she digs into Phoebe’s life, the more she realizes nobody knew her at all.

Bear found it hard enough dealing with Phoebe’s skimpy Goth outfits, painful-looking piercings, and the outrageous scandals she brought to his idyllic Sugar Land congregation, but now it’s his daughter who’s acting out. Jo knows Phoebe caused major problems between her picture-perfect father and stepmom, but she has no idea what’s at stake or whose lives are in jeopardy. Bear’s painfully aware that his last private investigation resulted in a bullet wound, so when Jo sneaks out alone to confront her primary suspect, he’s not only praying that he’ll find her in time—he’s asking forgiveness for what he may have to do to save her.

Stephanie is a mystery writer and holds a B.A. from Abilene Christian University and a M.L.S. from Rice University. She lives with her two pugs and long-suffering husband in Sugar Land, TX.

Headshot SmallLilia FabryO93 for Kindle

With the blessing of the 55th President of the United States, the newly formed Office of Familial Equality promises to end all the nation’s problems including poverty and illness with the Family Protection Act. The only catch is all pregnancies must be registered and approved. All eyes turn to the first person to break the law, Justin Winters, an electrician suddenly turned subject of national attention. Joining him in the escape are the women known only as Spring, Summer, and Fall as they work together to run from the bureaucracy and national spotlight that pursues them. Once the secretary of the OFE learns Winters has tested positive for causing multiple unregistered pregnancies, he comes after him full force, as the future of the Act rests upon if and how Winters and the women are brought in. Their successful defiance would lead to more defectors, their capture providing an opportunity to make an example of them all.

With little more than the clothes on their backs, the four set off on a quest for freedom and to keep the identity of the mother a secret. Most of all, they are running from an ordinance in the law which threatens what they hold most dear.

ISBN: 978-0-9860388-8-4

Jason FowellJason Fowell bookJason L. Fowell

Bond Daddy: The lure of fast money pulls Aaron and Jack into a world driven by high-pressure commission sales where morals and ethics take a backseat to big paydays. Best friends since high school, Aaron and Jack are hired by a brokerage firm that begins the strict training of each broker before they are licensed. Surviving the firm’s grueling interview process, harsh cold-calling and aggressive tactics, each takes a different path in an attempt to endure the shark-infested trading floor.

ISBN: 978-1450213639



JRF AlaskaJim Fuxa

Žižka, the One-EyedZ cover 3 2x3

The quick temper of Jan Žižka, a one-eyed warrior, thrust him into leadership of a revolution that would challenge the very foundations of medieval society. Could the love of a widowed queen help him overcome a devastating wound in time to stave off wave after wave of invading armies?

Jim Fuxa, a member of Houston Writers Guild, worked as a soda jerk, hospital orderly, mail carrier, laborer, military policeman, professor, and research scientist. He served as a university department head in charge of 140 individuals including 30 Ph.D.’s. As a scientist Jim authored or co-authored books and articles, papers and reports. He was invited to speak in scientific settings in more than a dozen countries on five continents, including a U.S. Congressional briefing.

gloverlastshuttleTom Glover

The Last Shuttle: For nearly two decades, a top-secret NASA space telescope kept watch on the Solar System’s closest neighbor, star system Alpha Centauri, in the hopes of detecting life-sustaining planets. Inexplicably, the satellite’s orbit was beginning to decay, its mission about to come to an abrupt end as it would soon enter Earth’s upper atmosphere and vaporize. There was one man alive who could prevent the accident. Forced by his former boss into a daring rescue mission, ex-NASA scientist Dr. Frank Carver reluctantly joins the crew of re-commissioned space shuttle Discovery, with one simple objective: recover the satellite’s secret data. He would soon discover that mission was anything but simple.

ISBN: 978-1466467282


A decade ago, Dr. Frank Carver was reluctantly thrust into a daring rescue mission in outer space. Saving NASA’s space shuttle Discovery and her crew, he was hailed a national hero. After years in seclusion coping with the haunting memory of his encounter with the enigmatic alien named ‘Sentinel’, Carver soon discovers that history does indeed repeat itself as circumstances propel him once again into an adventure far more extraordinary than any he could imagine. This time, the stakes are much higher.

Tom Glover published his debut novella, The Last Shuttle, as a precursor to a larger project. Reader support and a writing award led Tom to write a sequel, Sentinel. Tom holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon Tech, and by day is a business operations executive in the high tech industry.  He lives in Tomball with his wife, Kim, who is a gourmet cook working on her first cookbook, and bonus son Thomas Wenglinski. His son Brandon attends Baylor University. The Glover household includes very spoiled dogs and cats, and numerous sea creatures swimming in Tom’s salt-water aquarium.

Brandon Godbee

angel omegaAngel Omega: Imprisonment

After struggling for several long months, Jason and Sarah Wyatt are expecting a healthy baby boy. How could they have known that the young child growing in Sarah’s womb is the banished soul of the youngest archangel of heaven? His crime is so unspeakable that it seems unreal. The archangel Gabriel has sworn to watch over him, for he alone knows the truth about why the archangel Omega would defy his eldest brother, Michael, and bring the Antichrist before God. Could one act of kindness save the darkest of souls?

Brandon Godbee resides in Houston, Texas with his family. After graduating from high school, Brandon’s creative spirit and love of singing drove him to major in music. Angel Omega: Imprisonment is Brandon’s first work in writing and he is currently working on Angel Omega: Shattered Soul the next installment in the series.


Valley of Obsessions: Can Desiree Roberts leave her law career in Texas and become a 1980s Egyptian? Will the country that has captivated her since childhood embrace her or will it lead her down dangerous paths fraught with deception and betrayal?

Join Desiree as she treks through shifting sands, enters portals of pharaohs’ long since entombed, and follows her dreams down the Nile. Experience her passions and obsessions as they lure her into alien territory filled with suspicious characters. Someone wants to end her fantasies. How far will he go? Solve this suspenseful whodunit that ends in a surprising and exciting conclusion.



KAREN JENNINGS AND LYNNE GREGGShake it OnKaren Jennings and Lynne Gregg

Eleven-year-old Jon Walker is excited about summer vacation. He loves spending time at his grandparents’ farm along the Big Cypress River, and this year promises to be a whole lot of fun. But as soon as he arrives at the farmhouse, tragedy strikes. Grandpa’s beloved dog, Ole Blue, has been mysteriously killed.






C. Stuart Hardwick

51T-RFF+W7L._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_Writers of the Future: Volume 30

This is your window into incredible worlds of wizardry, warfare and wonder.

This is your escape into fantastic realms of the human mind lurking just beyond your imagination…and reaching deep into your wildest dreams.

This is your ticket to tomorrow.

Celebrate the future of science fiction and fantasy…now.

“Keep the Writers of the Future going. It’s what keeps sci-fi alive.” —ORSON SCOTT CARD

e7b02845e9a10a8c0911b9.L._V342033760_SX200_C. Stuart Hardwick is an L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest winner, a Colonnade Writing Contest winner, and a James White Award semi-finalist. He grew up on a cold-war airbase in South Dakota, a crossroads between the Wild West and the Space Age with a little Jurassic Park on the side. A science fair robot led to software development and a stint working at Softdisk Publishing with genius game designer, John Carmack (the creator of “Doom” who played his music way too loud). Writing for an online technical journal fanned a new love for word craft and reawakened the old love–storytelling.

Along the way, Stuart married an aquanaut, got hugged by a manatee, and studied at UC Berkeley. He lives in Houston with his family and his urban sled-dog, and has been known to wear a cape.

jerry hatchettJerry Hatchett

Jerry Hatchett grew up in the creatively fertile Mississippi Delta. His stories often draw from his eclectic background, providing a foundation for intriguing tales pawnbrokerpopulated with everyday people who often find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. His business experience runs the gamut from pawnbroker to inventor to technologist to specialized expert in digital forensics.

Hatchett lists John Grisham, James Rollins, Nelson DeMille, and Ken Follett as major influences on his writing. “I want to entertain people by creating new worlds and people for them to love and hate, and I always try to write a story that you just can’t put down, ” he says.

PAWNBROKER    Would you give killers what they want to get them to leave you and your family alone? Gray Bolton might, if he knew what “it” was. Life as a Mississippi pawnbroker is good, with a beautiful family and a bright future. Then he kills an armed robber and trouble cascades upon Bolton from everywhere. They all appear to be after the same thing and they will all do anything to get it. Unfortunately, Bolton has no idea what that thing is; but its discovery will test him in ways he couldn’t have imagined, and the stakes are simple: Everything.

seven unholy daysSEVEN UNHOLY DAYS     Technology and insanity combine to create a very bad week for the United States and the world. In this unputdownable thriller from breakout author Jerry Hatchett, tech celebrity Matt Decker is on top of the world until his flagship creation, the system that runs the U.S. power grid, suffers a crippling cyber attack. Chaos follows as a ruthless maniac sets out to create his own version of Revelation’s battle of Armageddon. And he’s making it personal as he blames Decker for the escalating disasters that stretch from New York to Israel to the “sulfurous scarps of hell.”  Seven Unholy Days, should come with a warning:  Don’t start this one unless you’re ready to be sucked into a story that never lets go!

ChrisHernandezproof-of-resolveChris Hernandez

Proof of Our Resolve is the story of Texas Army National Guard infantry sergeant Jerry Nunez and his platoon’s fight against a Taliban bomb cell in Afghanistan. The story takes the reader from a devastating bomb attack and ambush against Nunez’s platoon through the series of fights that follow, to the climactic final battle on the enemy’s home territory. The story doesn’t revolve around politics or high-level decisions that shape strategy, but is instead told from the perspective of soldiers on the ground. Decisions those soldiers make in battle sometimes lead to small victories, sometimes to the deaths of close friends. This story is about war at ground level, and is as close to real as fiction can be.





Still suffering the fallout of his partner’s death from AIDS a dozen years ago, Adam Atwater tailspins after his fortieth birthday as he copes with his father’s terminal illness, a career from which he derives little satisfaction, and an affair with a colleague that leaves him further from his current partner than he ever imagined. As Adam cares for his father, memories of Bobby’s illness resurface, along with guilt for the infidelity he incurred as his lover lay dying. Tormented by the past, Adam teeters on the brink of insanity, poised to lose everything he now holds dear.


PP02Saving Grace Cover ImagePamela Fagan Hutchins

Saving Grace, Volume 1 in the Katie & Annalise Series: 

Katie Connell is a high-strung attorney whose sloppy drinking habits and stunted love life collide hilariously in a doomed celebrity case in Dallas. When she flees Texas for the Caribbean, Katie escapes professional humiliation, a broken heart, and a wicked Bloody Mary habit, but she trades one set of problems for another when she begins to investigate the suspicious deaths of her parents on the island of St. Marcos. She’s bewitched by the voodoo spirit of an abandoned house in the rainforest and discovers that she’s as much a danger to herself as the island’s bad guys are. As the worst of her worlds collide, Katie drags herself back to the courthouse to defend her new friend Ava, an island local accused of stabbing the senator she’s been sleeping with.

Leaving Annalise for webLeaving Annalise, Volume 2 in the Katie & Annalise Series:

One unexpected and hotly fought-over little boy, two dead bodies, and a series of home vandalisms throw Texas attorney turned island chanteuse Katie Connell into a tizzy. Juggling all of this, Bloody Mary cravings, baggage, and the bad guys too, she waffles between the jumbie house that brought her back from the brink and the man she believes is the love of her life.

Finding Harmony, Volume 3 in the Katie & Annalise Series:FH front cover 100k

Katie’s already on edge when a dead guy shows up at Estate Annalise and shady locals claim there are slave remains in the foundation, but when Nick doesn’t come home to her and the kids one day after work, she’s ready to lose it. A frantic Katie launches a Caribbean-wide manhunt, calling on Kurt, her stoic, steady father-in-law, and Collin, her badass big brother, to help her search air, land, and sea for her husband, who may be in very big trouble indeed.

What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes, and How Can I Be One, Too?

LOSER compressedWho knew indie publishing could be this much fun? Whether you have published before or are contemplating your first book, Pamela Fagan Hutchins makes an overwhelming field manageable by presenting tried and true how-tos and a myriad of resources, including the marketing plan that got her debut novel national distribution – all with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek.

Pamela Fagan Hutchins, a former attorney and native Texan, lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands for nearly ten years. She refuses to admit to taking notes for the Katie & Annalise Series during that time.


JACK HUTCHISONJack Hutchisonultimate-objective

When a counterterror agent investigates his commander’s assassination, Kirk Magnus discovers the hit men were elite Russian commandos who penetrated his unit’s deep cover and struck with surgical precision. Magnus digs deep and identifies the mastermind, a psychotic sheikh who schemes to amass power by directing terror attacks against the United States and profiting from them. After Sheikh al-Masri’s strike on the Port of Houston, Magnus battles to interdict the sheikh’s assault on a nuclear power plant, but he is impeded by split command with his estranged lover, the hot-blooded leader of the Hostage Rescue Team. Magnus brings extreme measures into play and leads his hunter-killer unit into the Rub’ al Khali desert to confront an enemy who has the power to destroy the United States.



the dark part of the mindMatt Janak

The Dark Part of the Mind. Ever wonder what it’s like to go to war? Or watch the last breath of a stranger? Feel the last moments of suicide, and see cruelty from the eyes of a child. Step into the minds of people you see every day, and watch as their true thoughts come to life. Dark Part of The Mind is an unflinching look into the human psyche, as told by the tortured souls themselves. It’s the closest to hell you can get without meeting the devil.

Book is a collection of short stories from war veterans, ambulance drivers, and suicide victims as told from a diary perspective.

Matt Janak is an Army veteran from Texas with over three years service on active duty, the majority of which was spent in Alaska. Although never deployed, he draws his inspiration from the death of both parents, his childhood experiences in Spring and Hallettsville, Texas, and his divorce from his first wife. He currently resides in Friendswood, Texas, with his wife and three step-children.

Rory Johnston

Rory Johnston Dec 2013The Sands of Katambora: A must-read for anyone interested in Africa, its people and landscape, The Sands of Katambora tells a compelling love story Front Cover (2)-1with a timeous message about conserving the world’s wildlife and wild spaces. The first of a trilogy it sets the scene with a powerful, prescient message of conservation efforts competing against the devastation caused by modern ivory, rhino horn poaching and loss of habitat occurring in today’s Africa.

About Rory: I grew up in the safari business and have dedicated a lot of my life to exploring, understanding, and enjoying the African landscape. I have planned and led expeditions throughout Africa my entire life, stretching back to my childhood, when I traveled on safari with my parents. They introduced me to some of the most remote areas on the continent, and I am thankful for all they showed me and allowed me to discover.

As an author, I write about love and personal relationships, and have previously released three titles—Growing Up in Africa and A Major Hoodwink, of which I am the author, and It Happened at Squeedunc Plantation, which I coauthored with my wife, Virginia Doyle. My most recent novel, The Sands of Katambora, carries readers to 1960s Central Africa for a tale of love, betrayal, and conflict that addresses the stress put on wildlife and wilderness by human activity.

I currently live in Houston, Texas, with my wife, and together, we continue to travel to Africa several times a year.


Poetic Treasures is a compilation of poems written to reflect an optimistic view of life.

“Optimists are radiant gems who triumph over life’s potential defeats,” McNeil Jones states. “However, to be an optimist is not adequate. We should share our optimism with humanity.”

She sets out to do so with this book of motivating and encouraging poetry.


Kay KendallDesolation RowKay Kendall

It’s 1968. The Cold War is hot, the Vietnam War is raging, and the women’s movement is beating a far-distant drum. When Austin Starr’s husband decides to protest the war by emigrating from Texas to Canada, she goes along, with the biblical dictate of “whither-thou-goest I will go” ringing in her ears. No activist herself, Austin is homesick, drowning in culture shock, and her husband is accused of murdering a fellow draft resister, the black-sheep son of a U.S. Senator.

Alone and ill-equipped to negotiate in a foreign country, she is befriended by Larissa Klimenko, the daughter of Austin’s Russian history professor. The Mounties aren’t supposed to harass draft-age boys but truth is very different, especially when political pressure is applied by the victim’s father and the Canadian prime minister’s office. They may have a reputation for always getting their man, but Austin is convinced this time they have the wrong one. Once courted by the CIA, and a lover of mystery and espionage novels, Austin launches her own investigation into the murder. Ominous letters warning her to stop turn into death threats. Austin must find the real killer or risk losing everything. Her love–and her life–are on the line.


kathleen_kaskakathleen_kaska_bookKathleen Kaska

Murder at the Luther: It’s New Year’s Eve, 1952. Texas politicians are backslapping and ringing in ’53 at the historic Luther Hotel on the Texas Coast. Reporter Sydney Lockhart is there covering the festivities. The celebration turns sour when Sydney finds herself dancing with a dead man. With her fingerprints on the murder weapon and a police chief with his own agenda, Sydney ushers in the New Year behind bars. Soon there is another body, more damning fingerprints, and a crazy Cajun who’s been paid to feed Sydney to the alligators. Things get worse when cousin Ruth comes to town with a problem even Sydney can’t solve.

ISBN:  978-1-60977-066-8


kathleen koenKarleen Koenbefore versailles

Before Versailles transports you to a world of secret passions and plots, a world of duplicity and malice…a world that created one of the best–known monarchs to grace the French throne.

At the most decisive time in the young king’s life, Louis XIV can taste the danger. His court teems with greed and corruption, the wrong woman draws him into a wrenching love affair, and a mysterious boy in an iron mask haunts the woods. The untried ruler is coming into his own in 1661, and Louis XIV must face what he is willing to sacrifice for honor and for love.

Meticulously researched and gorgeously brought to life by New York Times bestselling author Karleen Koen, Before Versailles offers up a sumptuous, authentic exploration of a time that forged a man into a king.

paula_La_rocqueTHE BOOK ON WRITINGPaula LaRocque

Paula’s first novel, Chalk Line, will be published by Marion Street Press in September 2011.

Her nonfiction books, The Book on Writing, and two collections of columns and radio commentaries, On Words and Championship Writing, are available from, Barnes & Noble, and Marion Street Press.

ISBN: 0966517695



david levinDavid Levin is an attorney and member of Houston Writers Guild. He has produced several novels, a non-fiction book, poetry and magazine articles, beginning when he was in law school. His law practice has given the author intimate views of demoralizing tragedy and dizzying success. Themes of spirituality, the power of courage, good defeating evil, life over death, and the struggle for hope are central to his books. He and his wife have two adult sons and live in Houston.

Promise is an inspirational, spiritual mystery about Mary Lawrence, a nerdy high school senior recently orphaned and tormented by the cool kids. She believes her life will make no positive difference. Mary’s joy comes from the music of the world’s most famous rock band, Promise. She meets a mysterious newcomer to the school, Matthew Blair, who also becomes a pariah because he upstages the “in” group. The two form a friendship that involves Promise, leading to incredible social change.

Levin Teen Law Full

Teen Law is a general legal guide for teenagers everywhere. It is written in friendly, novel-like style to beckon young readers. The book covers the law relating to auto accidents, sex, alcohol, dugs, contracts, school activities, traffic tickets and hearings, military service, curfew, insurance policies and claims, apartment leases, credit score building, copyright protection, employment, damages to you and to others, and search and seizure. Each chapter presents a unique legal subject and practical tips for understanding legal issues, avoiding legal land mines and using the law to the reader’s advantage. The author’s message to the reader is: “Enjoy the ride and build a good life.”


The Demon’s of San Antonio: Satan’s army of bandito demons has risen in west Texas, their pistols laden with hell’s brimstone to fulfill the dark angel’s plan to rule the universe.  They march across the land to incinerate humanity and rupture God’s heart from His resulting grief.  The police, FBI, Texas Rangers and army fall victim to the demons’ destruction. When Satan is on the verge of final victory, only a small band of unlikely heroes stands in his way, ready to fight the advancing evil with the power of a courageous heart.


nikki loftinNikki Loftin: Nikki Loftin lives with her Scottish photographer husband just outside Austin, Texas, surrounded by dogs, chickens, and small, loud boys.

The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy SinisterSweetness

Lorelei is bowled over by Splendid Academy—Principal Trapp encourages the students to run in the hallways, the classrooms are stocked with candy dishes, and the cafeteria serves lavish meals featuring all Lorelei’s favorite foods. But the more time she spends at school, the more suspicious she becomes. Why are her classmates growing so chubby? And why do the teachers seem so sinister?

It’s up to Lorelei and her new friend Andrew to figure out what secret this supposedly splendid school is hiding. What they discover chills their bones—and might even pick them clean!

Mix one part magic, one part mystery, and just a dash of Grimm, and you’ve got the recipe for a cozy-creepy read that kids will gobble up like candy.

nightingale_cover_175pxNightingale’s Nest

Twelve-year-old John Fischer Jr., or “Little John” as he’s always been known, is spending his summer helping his father with his tree removal business, clearing brush for Mr. King, the wealthy owner of a chain of Texas dollar stores, when he hears a beautiful song that transfixes him. He follows the melody and finds, not a bird, but a young girl sitting in the branches of a tall sycamore tree.

There’s something magical about this girl, Gayle, especially her soaring singing voice, and Little John’s friendship with Gayle quickly becomes the one bright spot in his life, for his home is dominated by sorrow over his sister’s death and his parents’ ever-tightening financial difficulties.

But then Mr. King draws Little John into an impossible choice—forced to choose between his family’s survival and a betrayal of Gayle that puts her future in jeopardy.

Inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen story, Nightingale’s Nest is an unforgettable novel about a boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders and a girl with the gift of healing in her voice.

Steven Malone

17f23d62f8a30ad8986c10.L._V399982786_SX200_Sideshow at Honeycreek is a story of the desparate struggle for survival on the Texas frontier during the last bitter winter of the Civil War. It chronicals the efforts 51kwL4YyYxL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_of the Ike Burns family and their friends in a grim fight against the elements, Union agitators, the Comanche, Confederate indifference, and sometimes each other on the very edge of western expansion in late 1864. The events are true and the main characters are based on the lives of real people. The author has done his job recreating the era and basing his story on original research and actual events.

Steven D. Malone received a BA in History from the University of Houston. He has been a teacher of life skills and work skills to special needs students, adjudicated youth, and the visually impaired as well as College English. He is a published author and has been a writers coach. His latest work is ‘Sideshow at Honey Creek’.
He says of himself: I am a voracious reader of anything from historical fiction to cosmology to the backs of cereal boxes. My interests include ancient and Dark Age history, the Civil War and the American West, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, and classic movies. I am also a certified teacher of Tai Chi Chuan. In my life I have been a drifter, a beach bum, a library page, a book store clerk, a teacher and a construction worker. Presently, I am a happy husband and proud father of a son and two cats.

1384209707Kierstin Marquet

Three Reluctant Promises

Illegal immigrant Tommy Ramirez made Three Reluctant Promises to a dying woman. Kidnapping a cop’sthree reluctant promises daughter is the only way he can keep them. College student, Ashten Mason, is a stranger to trouble until a gorgeous guy with a gun jumps into her car and demands help.  Soon embroiled in one dangerous situation after another, they are forced to rely on one another—an idea that Ashten believes is an oxymoron, and one that drives Tommy crazy. To purchase Three Reluctant Promises, click the link.

Award-winning authorv Kierstin Marquet has a BS in criminal justice, a minor in psychology, and a love of sleuthing. Her debut novel, Three Reluctant Promises, and its sequel Three Stupid Lies are the first two books in the Mason Jar Series. These stories were inspired by Kierstin’s unique experiences growing up as a police officer’s daughter, such as getting pulled over with lights (thankfully no siren) in the church parking lot and going to process crime scenes in her nightgown. You can visit her at

JoAn Watson MartinPine Cones and Magnolia BlossomsJoAn Martin

Pine Cones and Magnolia Blossoms: Two eleven-year-old girls, Sarah Sue, white, and Princetta, black, live in a South Alabama town, during World War II. Sarah Sue has no awareness of people living in difficult circumstances until she becomes friends with Princetta, the daughter of their black cook. Sarah Sue has the same intolerances of the times as she realizes it is not suitable to have a colored girl for a friend.

Sarah Sue dares anything for fun, instigating escapades that get both girls into trouble. Tension mounts as prejudice and bigotry intrude on their lives. When Sarah Sue recognizes the skewed injustices, she feels compelled to question the status quo. Eventually she comes to know, “Not as much separates blacks and whites as we thought.”


6c240f_fb89d16c417a46e0b50fdfa0570aa5f7.jpg_srz_192_275_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzLorraine Sherman Mason

Sassywood Man: And Other Folklores6c240f_e256ef9b0eac4d009818c132aba9fd60.jpg_srz_228_303_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

In this collection of short stories and prose, Lorraine introduces her readers to life in Liberia, mostly in the 1970s, a crucial time in her childhood. She hopes to convey the struggle of not only single mothers but of a people caught sometimes glued on the fringes of society-a disenfranchised and marginalized group. She explores a time when the possibilities of aspiring beyond one’s social huddle had many implications; and concludes with the hope of a new day and a brighter future in light of the hundreds of thousands who gave their lives through death, sacrifice, displacement, and time lost.

Lorraine Sherman Mason was born and raised in her native Liberia. She is a former clinical grief therapist and life coach. In addition to her literary pursuits, Lorraine is the executive director of the Martha M. Wright Foundation and a freelance author of “A Journey of the Self” and “Yes, Jesus Loves Me,” a contribution piece to the book of the same title. Lorraine is a past contributing editor to the online magazine USAfrica, TLC Africa and blogs for Hubpages. Lorraine lives in Bellaire, Texas, with her husband, Fulkra, and two of her three children. She is at work on other pieces as she establishes herself as a folklorist.

Micheal Wilson

Chris Michaels

Chris Michaels grew up in a sleepy house just like yours (partially poisonous ogres and magically mundane fungi included). He is an adventurer who was once struck by lightning and falsely arrested by the S.W.A.T. team. He’s walked across the Mississippi River and wants to find the land where all the socks and spare change go so he can set up a Modest Trading Co. for them.

Now, he writes fantasy novels, drama sketches, and mixed-media, interactive stories. Find out more on





the dry

The Dry, by Rebecca Nolenmom photo, West Virginia, 1895. A deadly dry spell has left the earth parched and souls desperate. Crops are failing. Cities are starving. A missing newspaper man doesn’t account for much in times so terrible, except to the twelve-year-old son he left behind. When Elliot Sweeney discovers the search for his father has been called off, he boards a train alone to find him.

His quest leads Elliot into the depths of an abandoned mine, with a peculiar pocket watch, a blind burro, and a gutsy girl at his side. He discovers a world he never dreamed of, even in his worst nightmares, and lands smack in the middle of a war between two kingdoms. Monstrous insects, smiling villains, and dark riddles are everywhere. Deciding who to trust may prove to be his greatest challenge, while the fate of the world above hangs on Elliot’s choice.

From SkipJack Publishing. ISBN 978-1-939889-12-6



deadly thuymeDeadly Thyme by Rebecca Nolen writing as R.L. Nolen: When Ruth Butler escaped Texas for a sleepy seaside village in the south of England, it was to rescue her infant daughter from the perverted demon she’d married. But after ten peaceful years in Perrins Point, her daughter Annie disappears.

Not far away, a madman has been trying in vain to turn back time. When Ruth turns out to be a dead ringer for his mother, the voices in his head haunt him day and night. The only way to stop his mother’s nagging is to kill her all over again . . .

Ruth must rely on her instincts and the ally she finds in an undercover detective who’s in town on unrelated business, but neither can search for Annie’s kidnapper openly. Ruth could be deported for living under an alias and Detective Inspector Jon Graham would blow his cover. Nevertheless, the trail leads from a faceless body in Annie’s clothes to a smugglers’ cave, where the killer drains his victims’ blood an ounce at a time. But he’s got a special purpose for little Annie. He is patient. He will wait—until her mother comes to save her.

From SkipJack Publishing. ISBN 978-1939889140


Blake O’Connor

41X9nCU5AUL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Unspoken BondBased on a true event, Unspoken Bond is an award-winning, heart-warming story about how one unselfish act can have far reaching and lifelong consequences. It’s a celebration of the unspoken bond between a man and his dog, and the timeless bond between two people, held together by a whisper of a touch. 

University senior David Hess doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s been skipping school, getting into fights, his grades slip to barely passing, and he has broken up with his fiancée. After he rescues an abandoned dog on a lonely stretch of country back road, things start to look up–that is, until he is blindsided by a crippling tragedy. Along his journey to recovery, a girl he met by chance keeps haunting his dreams and his thoughts. 

But there’s a problem–he doesn’t even know her name. 

Emma Taylor is lamenting her turn in life: almost divorced, lousy job, no family, and no one to share her life with. She sits alone in her apartment thinking about her upcoming deployment, and about a boy she met. Who is he? Where is he? Why can’t she stop thinking about him? 

And so begins a story about the love of two people transcending time and tragedy, and about the love of a dog that will never be forgotten… 

Tiny DancerTiny Dancer is a true story about a Rufous Hummingbird that wintered one year in the author’s backyard. Affectionately nicknamed Rufie, the 413M3Lo1xlL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_author fretted and worried about him during an unseasonably cold Texas Gulf Coast winter. Temperatures plunged and ice formed on the feeder. How would he survive, this tiny creature no larger than the author’s thumb? Why didn’t he migrate south to subtropical Mexico or Belize?

Come find out on this quick and delightful story about how one mother-daughter relationship has long-lasting and loving effects on the next generation.

Blake graduated from the University of Texas, majored in marketing and ended up working in the oil patch. I’m married, have two grown daughters and I live in Houston. My household is also shared with one dog, two cats, and sometimes a few monarch butterfly caterpillars, but only when it’s too cold outside for the little critters. I’ve been an animal lover all her life, and my earliest memories were of growing upon a cotton farm near Navasota, Texas. My mother was always rescuing dogs that had been dumped along the highway. And it is from my mother that I inherited my love of animals and the outdoors.


JOHN OEHLERAphrodesia_Front_CoverJohn Oehler

Aphrodesia: From Kirkus Reviews: “A sensually evocative thriller that satisfies and arouses. … A brilliant, engaging twist on the traditional crime novel.”

Eric Foster, the top student at the best perfume school in France, creates a scent based on the fragrance the Queen of Sheba wore to seduce King Solomon. When he tests it surreptitiously at a gathering of glitterati in Paris, the results surpass his wildest dreams. It’s an aphrodisiac of astonishing potency.

Eric sees fame and fortune on his horizon, until he is kicked out of the school for a theft he did not commit. Disgraced, he now slogs through a mind-numbing job with a New York manufacturer of fragrance additives for supermarket products. His only respite comes from moonlighting as a forensic scent expert for the NYPD. But when a knockoff of his perfume surfaces as the only link in a series of passion-driven homicides, Eric becomes the prime suspect.

Eric’s quest to prove his innocence pits him against violent adversaries on three continents and forces him into a dark world of forgery and murderous intrigue where nothing is as it seems. In the battle for survival, his one advantage is his extraordinary sense of smell.

ISBN: 978-1477680308


J MICHAEL ORENDUFFpot_thief_editedJ. Michael Orenduff

The Pot Thief: Mike Orenduff’s mysteries are intelligent, clever, and downright funny, with a spicy Old Town Albuquerque setting and plots as pungent and twisted as a chile ristra. I’m in love with Hubie Schuze–pot thief, shopkeeper, reluctant sleuth, and cook extraordinaire. A winning series! —-Susan Wittig Albert, author of the China Bayles mysteries



UpDoReadingInviteFromPattyPaganPatricia Flaherty Pagan

Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers: Enjoy thirty-three intriguing, very short stories by women. Featuring new flash fiction by talented writers such as award-winning short fiction writer Kathryn Kulpa, popular, award-winning novelist Donna Hill, novelist and poet Catherine Edmunds, award-winning science fiction and short story writer Melissa J. Lytton and many others.

Patricia Flaherty Pagan writes, edits and facilitates writing workshops in New England and Texas. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Godard College. She has taught, facilitated writing workshops and traveled extensively in Asia. Her flash fiction, poetry and essays have been published in The Light In Ordinary Things, Calico Tiger, Fierce With Reality, Chicken Soup for the Soul: True Love and The Pitkin Review. Her fiction will appear in the next edition of Spry. She is currently editing Up, Do Flash Fiction by Women Writers.

Joni ParkerBlack Elf Seaward IsleJoni Parker

The Black Elf: Trapped on an island, shipwrecked time travelers struggle first to survive and then–to escape.  Elves, Dwarves and mortals mingle in a world filled with pirates, political intrigue and magic. Their fates rest in the hands of one young woman, the orphan Lady Alexin. Part Elf and a descendant of a Titan ancestor, she trained as a warrior, to avenge her parents’ deaths, unaware that only she has the power to save them all.





Tangled Omens

Tangled Omens: Alex takes on her new role as a Tracker and she’s on the trail of a spy called the Horseman who is in cahoots with the pirates to steal Elfin gold.  His trail leads her deep into the pirate stronghold where she finds intrigue and mystery around every corner, and she experiences new aspects of her own gifts bestowed on her by her Titan and Elf ancestors.






BloBlood Missionod Mission: When the lives of the two most powerful Elves on Seaward Isle are threatened in a plot by the rogue Elf Mellen, Prince Darin of the Water Elves and Lord Odin of the Tree Elves charge Alex, a young female tracker with a Blood Mission—to hunt him down and kill him, or die in the attempt.  Blood Mission puts the fate of the kings and the safety of the inhabitants of Seaward Isle in the hands of a teen-age half-elf warrior.  Can Alex survive her mission long enough to discover her own true destiny?





Dennis Papp

Den_Smile_Hi Resfear was my only weaponFear Was My Only Weapon: This novel exposes the truth of being a paper soldier (personnel clerk) in Vietnam, waging a war with a weapon for which I am forbidden to have ammunition, unless I am on guard duty. Even then, I must first get permission from the officer in charge before firing at the enemy. Interwoven in the story is the constant emotional struggle to stay alive while enduring the stupidity of a military system that forbids me to defend myself.

J. Dennis Papp, a Vietnam veteran, worked for 41 years  in advertising, marketing and public relations for various multinational corporations and the Newark Public Library. He has been published in numerous trade magazines, newspapers, and the recent ghost-story anthology of the Houston Writers Guild.

ISBN 978-1492146742

ROGER PAULDINGPickledDogNewCover_roger_pauldingRoger Paulding

The Pickled Dog Caper: Murder and mayhem with a curious twist. Set in Colonial America, this picaresque novel relates the adventures of Richard Makepeace, who escapes captivity on the eve of his own hanging, only to discover that with his new freedom comes a strange obligation to change his wicked behavior.



RPBoughtOFfBought Off: With the roguish, but cool narration from Miss Starlight, this is the story of the deadly handsome
Butch, a troubled young man caught in the web of sex, murder, money, power, and the corruption
they engender in this seemingly innocent beach town of Galveston. Think Midnight in the Garden of
Good and Evil, but more involved with the evil than the good, yet entertaining, and downright funny at times.


chris_rogersGOOSING WRITES BRAINChris Rogers

In short, snappy chapters, Chris Rogers takes us from structure, plot, dialogue and action to that intangible but essential quality every editor seeks: voice. Using bestselling novels and blockbuster films to briskly illustrate story elements, Rogers entertains the reader while presenting one excellent writing technique after another. Further setting this book apart are the 12 easy brain-training secrets any writer can implement for crafting strong, emotionally charged prose faster. Imagine a dozen good story ideas in an hour: this book steps you through it. Imagine creating page-turning tension from beginning to end: you’ll read a suspense story in its entirety, then discover the words and phrases that keep the tension cord taut. Moving seamlessly between instruction and illustration, Goosing the Write Brain is an indispensible resource that both aspiring and veteran writers will want close at hand. An unexpected bonus: it’s also a great read.

ISBN: 978-1439226285


Kyle Russell

Described as a “slow-burn sci-fi epic”, Absolute Tenacity is the story of a woman trying to contend with the end of the world. A being with incredibleabsolute tenacity power, she is unwilling to face the hate and fear that have been growing for centuries and have now reached the breaking point. A work of romance and tragedy, Absolute Tenacity illuminates parts of the human heart we would rather pretend do not exist.
Kyle is a horror/speculative fiction writer (Absolute Tenacity, from Max Avalon Shorts) and editor of and contributor to the upcoming Houston Writers Guild Sci-Fi anthology. From Kyle: As someone who has been known to literally write on the walls (albeit sane enough to put up paper first), I’ve always thought the primary difference between myself and a madman scrawling fantasies on the floor of a padded cell is that I have an audience. That is to day, there is a sort of postmodern dependence that a writer has on his readers. A writer writes, but if it isn’t read, he might as well be shouting his narratives at shadows, and that’s no kind of identity. You read, therefore I am.

chuck_100by150GARDEN GNOME ATTACKChuck Sambuchino

Move over zombies and adolescent vampires.

There’s a new threat in town—and it’s only twelve inches tall. How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack is the only comprehensive survival guide that will help you prevent, prepare for, and ward off an imminent home invasion by the common garden gnome. Once thought of as harmless yard decorations, evidence is mounting that these smiling lawn statues are poised and ready to wreck havoc. The danger is real. And it’s here. Class 1 gnome-slayer and gnome defense expert Chuck Sambuchino has developed a proven system—Assess, Protect, Defend, Apply—for safeguarding property, possessions, and loved ones. Strategies include step-by-step instructions for gnome-proofing the average dwelling, recognizing and interpreting the signs of a gathering hoard, and—in the event that a secured perimeter is breached—confronting and combating the attackers at close range.


KatherinesSands2Samds BookKatharine Sands

Making the Perfect Pitch: Today’s writers need to understand how to succeed and maximize their works in the new media and literary marketplace. Do you know how work is sold and how the writer is compensated? Do you know why the writing you do about your writing is as important as the writing itself? This comprehensive session answers these questions and provides key information on many other “must know” issues. New York City-based literary agent Katharine Sands takes participants step-by-step through the success checklist for the getting-published process. From content-creation to contract; first writes to last rights, focusing on both craft and career, you will learn essential secrets to practicing PitchCraft, including: what to do — and what not to do — when you set out to woo and win a literary agent, the easy-to-fix mistakes many writers make when querying agents, and seven surefire techniques that get you out of the slushpile, how to: identify your selling points and sales engines, whet an agent’s appetite, get editors to say “yes,” make the perfect pitch, build a media platform, and create a writing career. Also available at Katy Budget Books 281-578-7770.



elaine_scottSPACE STARS LIGHTNINGElaine Scott

Space, Stars and the Beginning of Time: Have you ever wished you could travel back in time?  Or visit a galaxy light-years away?  Or see a star being born? The Hubble telescope has allowed scientists to do just that. The Hubble’s dazzling images have transformed astronomy, shedding light on the deepest mysteries of the cosmos, sparking new discoveries and turning speculation into fact. Its gaze has helped astronomers find new galaxies, look back in time almost to the Big Bang, and verify the existence of dark energy, the mysterious force that is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate. Through the eye of the Hubble, Elaine Scott skillfully guides readers along the evolution of our universe, investigating a question that was once unanswerable: “Where did we come from?”


nathaniel sewellNathaniel Sewell

Fishing for Lightfishing for light

When Professor Quan realized the government used his genetic starter to create Ms. Prosperina, he devoted his life to eradicating her by spreading the universal bond within humanity’s genetic code, pure love.

Decades earlier, Professor Quan unlocked the genetic code; he discovered how to fight his cataclysmic mistake, Ms. Prosperina. After he saw a shooting star, he randomly targeted a baby named Edward, altering his DNA with an intermixed cellular powder. But twenty-three years later, somewhere along Eddie’s life journey, he had lost the light behind his eyes. But when a secret IRS unit was nearby monitoring Eddie and his bumbling childhood friend’s conversation about peddling unique autographed material on WePay, they arrested Eddie’s friend for tax evasion. In reality, the IRS was on a gestapo like mission to track down anyone trading living organic material that might lead them to Professor Quan and his laboratory where he hid the real Hope Diamond. Then Professor Quan became aware that Eddie’s cellular adjustment was flawed. As Ms. Prosperina lurked behind the IRS, desperate to discover where Professor Quan hid two meteorites coated with her ancestral organic material; Professor Quan must solve the genetic riddle that swerved Eddie away from his destiny to fight pure evil.

bobbys socksBobby’s Socks

A tragic window of childhood death opens at summer camp within the hills of Appalachia as Mr. Diabolus sexually assaults nine-year-old, Robert.

Robert’s brain traumatized, a shame-based gene was switched on as a gentle whisper within Robert’s mind said – KILL YOURSELF. But Robert got lucky one day at school when he met a new girl, Ardee, a happy tomboy of a girl, she renamed him, Bobby, her Bobby.

Ardee moves away, years pass as Robert descends into mediocrity. Ardee, now a woman, stumbles back into Robert’s life. A sequence of events unfolds after Ardee convinces Robert to seek help from Dr. Richie when she accidentally finds out about his tragic childhood.

Ardee’s motherly instincts kick in and she does what every abused child prays for – she hunts down a predator, she defends her Bobby.

Nathaniel Sewell (1965 – currently above the clover) was born in Lexington, Kentucky. His first novel was, Bobby’s Socks. It was not a particularly happy story, but he hopes Fishing for Light might entice a smile.

droppedImage_1Monica Shaughnessy 61FqyXiQ4NL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_

The Tell-Tail Heart

Edgar Allan Poe’s cat helps catch a killer, giving her owner the inspiration he needs to finish his story. A cozy cat novella set in Victorian Philadelphia, The Tell-Tail Hear
t is the fictional account of Poe’s real-life animal companion.
Doom & Gloom

A rich kid with a life-threatening sun allergy becomes the savior of his town when he receives a high-tech suit from his parents. Full of sci-fi fun and dazzling swordplay for action/adventure lovers, ages 9+


Season of Lies
51n0hok8EKL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_A teen with unusual communication skills goes on the run when she’s framed for her brother’s murder. In order to survive the Texas Hill Country during hunting season, she relies on a herd of white tailed deer for survival. But her secret may get them all killed.
Monica Shaughnessy draws on her experience as a lifelong Texan by creating characters larger than the Lone Star State. Her works span multiple genres, including adult mystery/suspense, YA, middle grade, and picture book, but they all carry her signature offbeat style. If you’re looking for something outside the mainstream, you’ll find it in her work. When she’s not slaying adverbs and polishing prose, she’s either hanging out with her rescue dogs or stargazing in her backyard.

Carolyn Shield

book-picture-colorUriel’s Justice (Keys of Life Trilogy): Long ago, a violent war erupted between the Children of the Nephilim, who had once taken Eve’s daughters as wives, and egypt-hi-rez-finthe Pure of Heart. The Nephilim’s thirst for revenge rages through history as they slowly infiltrate global corporations, secret societies and international politics. The goal: is total domination. 

Cordy McDermott isn’t your typical veterinarian – unless your veterinarian also happens to have a black belt in karate. After rescuing an Egyptian princess from being sold as a sex slave, Cordy finds herself in the crosshairs of death, tangled in a harrowing battle dating to Biblical times. 

Across the world, a young, brawny archeologist stumbles upon an ancient relic at the Egyptian temple of Abu Simbel after a mysterious dream. On the run, Ash and Cordy team up in a thrilling race against time to keep balance from falling in favor of an enemy bent on vengeance and absolute control.

Carolyn Schield and Tom Vorbeck are a unique brother and sister team who decided to write a thrilling, adventurous, and mysterious trilogy. The Keys of Life, the first book of the trilogy, brought them together after they had drifted apart over the years.

Carolyn writes articles for alternative media and international magazines. One of her favorite topics is stories concerning the search for the Holy Grail, for which she has been interviewed on live radio. She lives in Texas with her husband and children.

Tom is an award-winning artist. His work can be seen at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Carolyn and Tom hope to share with readers their passion and excitement for life.

Amanda A StillBrides of the StormAmanda Still

Brides of the Storm: One bride died a year before the wedding, drowned in the waters of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900.  One fell in love and expects a quiet wedding and a peaceful life. They are both surprised when the confused groom is suspected of a brutal murder. The gruesome death of a local prostitute occurred just after the “dead” wife returned to town.  Are the two events connected?

Dash, a female attorney, must find out the truth to bring peace to her own home as her adopted daughters are now torn between their love for her and suspicion that their original mother did not die in the storm, but might return.  As Dash hunts a killer, she finds the dead are more help than the living in this dangerous pursuit.

ISBN-13: 978-0615466903

Shadows_of_Damascus_finallilas tahaLilas Taha

Shadows of Damascus: Bullet wounds, torture and oppression aren’t the only things that keep a man—or a woman—from being whol.

Debt. Honor. Pain. Solitude. These are things wounded war veteran Adam Wegener knows all about. Love—now, that he is not good at. Not when love equals a closed fist, burns, and suicide attempts. But Adam is one who keeps his word. He owes the man who saved his life in Iraq. And he doesn’t question the measure of the debt, even when it is in the form of an emotionally distant, beautiful woman.

Yasmeen agreed to become the wife of an American veteran so she could flee persecution in war-torn Syria. She counted on being in the United States for a short stay until she could return home. There was one thing she did not count on: wanting more.

Is it too late for Adam and Yasmeen?

Shadows of Damascus is published by Soul Mate Publishing.

Larry_Thompson_mugThe-Trial-cover-finalLarry Thompson

What you don’t know about the big drug companies can kill you! Ripped from today’s headlines, The Trial is a classic David and Goliath tale of a small town lawyer fighting the incestuous relationship of a giant pharmaceutical company and the FDA. In a fast-moving legal thriller, Thompson jerks down the curtains shrouding the drug industry in this country.

ISBN: 978-0312607357



Close-up2Stephanie Torreno’s book, “Keeping My Balance: A Memoir of Disability and Determination” is now available on Amazon as an ebook or a paperback.  In this memoir, she describes the challenges of growing up with cerebral palsy since birth.  She also writes about traumatic family events and her pursuits to become more independent while coping with loss. This life story takes readers through her triumphant quest to obtain a college education, her attempts to gain meaningful employment, and her emotional journey to live independently.





rodney waltherRodney Waltherbroken laces

Broken Laces

Jack “The Cannon” Kennedy thinks he’s living the American Dream. A fancy house in the Houston suburbs. A promising career. And a loving wife who tolerates his long hours and selfish ways. In one horrific instant, he loses his wife. Then his job. Then his hope. And that just leaves Kellen, the young son Jack hardly knows or understands.  Jack realizes he must reconnect with Kellen or they’ll never get past their shared grief. But Jack’s biggest obstacle is staring back from the mirror. Desperate to reach Kellen, he turns to baseball, the game he once loved. With Jack, a win-at-all-costs former star pitcher, coaching his son’s Little League team, what could possibly go wrong?



SITH_frontcover_600x900_300dpiSpace in the Heart

Before his wife was murdered, astronaut Garrison Sterling couldn’t wait to rocket into space on his first shuttle mission. Now he merely survives, one day at a time, blaming himself for the events that put his wife in a grave and his daughter Zoey in a wheelchair. And he struggles to raise Zoey, a headstrong teenager who longs for independence and rebels against his overprotective ways.

Danica Cortez, Houston’s favorite morning news anchor, dreams of practicing real journalism instead of forever reading teleprompters. When she witnesses a plane crash and rescues the only survivor–a U.S. Senator–Danica becomes a national hero. But her journalistic instincts tell her that there is more to the story, leading her not only to confront a powerful politician but also to face the greatest regret of her past, her role in the tragic story that launched her career.

When Garrison and Danica meet, they sense an instant attraction. They take those tentative first steps toward love even as they wrestle with competing priorities: the needs of his daughter and the demands of her career.

Now their journey, like his planned spaceflight, might be over before it begins. Because a dark secret threatens to destroy their relationship. Forever.


larry watts Larry Watts

Right, Wrong, & Rationalizing the Truth is a story of the tragedy that engulfs all those involved when a peace officer uses a weapon in the line-of-duty. The author right wrong rationalizingweaves a story filled with small town values, big city police work, the influence of political decisions, and racial overtones which all come together as the story’s characters make life changing decisions.

This novel shines a glaring light on the rationalization, politics, and investigative shortcomings that are inherent in many high profile police use of force cases. It also gives an insider’s view of police union politics and decision-making when members’ personal political views conflict with a police union’s ability to best serve those members.

cheating justiceCheating Justice

In the late 1980′s Bobby Jordan learned what the Texas criminal justice system is all about. Bobby always thought that if you didn’t do anything wrong, you didn’t have anything to worry about. Now he is in the biggest fight of his life and it’s with all the institutions that he has always believed were therr to protect him; the police, the district attorney and the courts.

Can an everyday citizen win when the “system” teams up against him. You won’t put it down once you begin reading this gripping novel about Texas’ criminal justice system and the frightening possibilities for us all.
The Park Place Rangers was the moniker given to a group of officers who worked at the Park Place substation in Houston, Texas, from the mid-sixties until the station was closed in 1989. They were sometimes considered a wild and rowdy bunch, but no one ever questioned their dedication to curbing crime, chasing bad guys and having a good time doing it!

From Larry: I live on the Gulf Coast of Texas with my wife, Carolyn. A former cop and labor negotiator, I now enjoy writing fiction about crime and social justice.

The author of numerous trade magazine articles during my career in law enforcement and labor negotiations, I continue to use my unique life experiences to entertain my readers with my novels and short stories.


The Personal History of Rachel DuPree

I still see her, our Liz, sitting on a plank, dangling over that well. She held on to the rope that hung from the pulley, her bare feet pressed together so tight that the points on her ankle bones were nearly white. So begins The Personal History of Rachel DuPree, an unforgettable novel about love and loyalty, homeland and belonging.

ISBN: 0670022012


The Promise by Ann Weisgarber - CoverThe Promise

1900. Caught in a scandal, Catherine Wainwright, pianist, must leave her comfortable life in Ohio. She travels to Galveston, Texas, and marries the recently widowed Oscar Williams, a childhood admirer whom she has not seen in years.

Catherine is unprepared for the life that awaits her. The weather is sweltering, Oscar’s home is rustic and remote, and his little boy, Andre, resents her presence.

But it’s Oscar who most unnerves her. He has expectations that Catherine is unable to fulfill.

Then there is Nan Ogden, Oscar’s housekeeper. Catherine’s arrival comes as a shock to Nan. Not only had she promised Oscar’s first wife that she would take care of Andre, but she has feelings for Oscar that she struggles to hide.

Meanwhile, a powerful hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico gathers strength and spins toward Galveston.

Ann Weisgarber is the author of The Promise and The Personal History of Rachel DuPree.  She was nominated for England’s 2009 Orange Prize and the 2009 Orange Award for New Writers.  In the US, she won the Stephen Turner Award for New Fiction and the Langum Prize for American Historical Fiction.  She was shortlisted for the Ohioana Book Award and was a Barnes and Noble Discover New Writer.  Born in Dayton, Ohio, Weisgarber is a graduate of Wright State University and the University of Houston. She lives in Sugar Land, Texas, and Galveston, Texas.   Ann’s website is


cinema houstonDavid Welling

Cinema Houston celebrates a vibrant century of movie theatres and moviegoing in Texas’s largest city. Illustrated with more than two hundred historical photographs, newspaper clippings, and advertisements, it traces the history of Houston movie theatres from their early twentieth-century beginnings in vaudeville and nickelodeon houses to the opulent downtown theatres built in the 1920s (the Majestic, Metropolitan, Kirby, and Loew’s State). It also captures the excitement of the neighborhood theatres of the 1930s and 1940s, including the Alabama, Tower, and River Oaks; the theatres of the 1950s and early 1960s, including the Windsor and its Cinerama roadshows; and the multicinemas and megaplexes that have come to dominate the movie scene since the late 1960s.While preserving the glories of Houston’s lost movie palaces—only a few of these historic theatres still survive—Cinema Houston also vividly re-creates the moviegoing experience, chronicling midnight movie madness, summer nights at the drive-in, and, of course, all those tasty snacks at the concession stand. Sure to appeal to a wide audience, from movie fans to devotees of Houston’s architectural history, Cinema Houston captures the bygone era of the city’s movie houses, from the lowbrow to the sublime, the hi-tech sound of 70mm Dolby and THX to the crackle of a drive-in speaker on a cool spring evening.

DAVID WELLING, a Houston resident who attended many of the theatres in this book, is a graphic artist and writer whose projects have ranged from corporate magazines to album covers and fantasy illustrations. He has written articles about film and theatres for such publications as the Houston Post and the Houston Press.

Nicole Wilson

Nicole Wilson

Shattered is a short story about Steve, a single father, has his hands full juggling a job and a five-year-old daughter, and his drinking problem



doesn’t help. But when a part of his past escapes, he must put his problems away to protect her..

NICOLE WILSON was born in Stoughton, Massachusetts, where she spent all of six months. Her family then moved to Houston, Texas where her grandparents lived. Her interests include writing, reading fiction and her Bible, editing others’ works, making Excel spreadsheets, watching Texans football, watching The Office or Castle, listening to hard rock, and running.

Currently, she lives in a tiny apartment in Houston with her husband who provides unwavering love and support and their cat, Oreo, who constantly steals her hair ties.You can find more on her website


Pale Rose of England: It is 1497. The news of the survival of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, has set royal houses ablaze with intrigue and rocked the fledgling Tudor dynasty. With the support of Scotland’s King James IV, Richard-known to most of England as Perkin Warbeck-has come to reclaim his rightful crown from Henry Tudor. Stepping finally onto English soil, Lady Catherine Gordon has no doubt that her husband will succeed in his quest.




gay yellenGay Yellen

What if your killer job could get you killed?

body businessThe Body Business: Great job. Fantastic boyfriend. Samantha Newman thought she had it all.

But when her best friend vanishes, doubt creeps in. Is there some ugly reality behind her firm’s success?

When she asks the FBI for help, they send a man with secrets of his own. How can she find her friend without getting caught in the web of deceit?

Carter Chapman’s on a mission. But it wasn’t supposed to include a beautiful corporate executive with her own set of problems, until a terrible event puts them on the same path to discovery, and they each have to decide if some secrets are worth the price.

Gay Yellen began her working life as an actress in theatre, film and television commercials, then moved behind the camera to be the Assistant to the Director of Production at The American Film Institute.

She is a former magazine editor and national journalism award winner, and was the contributing book editor for Five Minutes to Midnight (Delacorte Press), and international thriller. She also has extensive executive experience in corporate marketing and media relations.

The Body Business is her debut romantic suspense novel.

You can learn more about her at

Bill_young DEAD AIRBill Young

From 1966 to 1981, Bill Young served as Director of Programming for KILT AM/FM-Houston. The station was owned by the flamboyant and enigmatic radio pioneer Gordon McLendon. Under Young’s 15 year leadership — KILT dominated Houston ratings and achieved national acclaim in industry press, including recognition as “Radio Station of the Year” and Bill’s personal recognition as “Program Director of the Year.” After leaving radio, his company—Bill Young Productions—became the standard for touring advertising in Radio, TV, Print and New Media.  Bill’s voice became the most sought after style in the music industry and has been featured internationally on  tours for Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, U2, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Sir Michael Crawford, ZZ Top, George Strait and many others. The company he founded — Bill Young Productions — still provides materials for hundreds of event tours each year. As a film director, Bill directed national television ads and also created the storyline  and directed over 100 music videos — once having directed ten straight # 1  videos on CMT (the eleventh went to # 2!).  Bill lives with his wife and three Brittany’s in Houston.

ISBN: 978-1456424671