Fantasy Anthology Submissions to Open August 1, 2014. Stay Tuned for More Information!


Tides of Possibility Sci-Fi Anthology Submissions Closed!

The Tides of Possibility Anthology is is no longer accepting submissions. It is being produced by the Houston Writers Guild in cooperation with Skipjack Publishing. It will be available both as an ebook and a print book, and is expected to be shipped in late 2014. It will be an independent publication, and its mission statement is to provide independent and unpublished writers an encouraging and meaningful step forward in an industry (and a genre in particular) reputed for being difficult to break in to.This anthology is going to be funded via a Kickstarter campaign starting in March.Submission Guidelines

The deadline is February 15, 2014.

We are looking for science fiction submissions of no more than 8,000 words. Flash fiction and short short fiction are acceptable ; there is no minimum length. Even poetry is acceptable if it has a sci-fi lean to it. We are not interested in fantasy, be it urban or otherwise, but all forms of science fiction are invited. The science fiction element may be slight, butmust be present and integral to the plot. We are hoping for original fiction, but are not against accepting reprints if the work in question is an exemplary piece of science fiction that has not been very widely circulated.

Again, no fantasy. And no erotica either.

Please do send multiple stories, if you have them. We would love to feature more than one story by great authors, within reason. Don’t send us fifty stories and expect us to publish twenty. Do send us three stories and hope that we will want more than one of them.

Payment is half a cent per word on acceptance, and three free copies of the anthology. An internal contest will determine one story as the best in the anthology, and this writer will receive a $50 bonus for their submission. What we’re getting in exchange for this are the rights to publish your story in print and online, in English, for the purposes of our anthology. If your story is original and unpublished, this means that we’re taking first world English rights. If it has already been published in any way whatsoever (even on your own blog), then we’re just taking reprint rights. We require no exclusivity on the stories we publish. You maintain the right to do whatever you want with your own work, except sell First Rights to someone else, because once those are gone you can never sell them again.

Please submit your manuscript in the proper format, as an attachment, with a simple cover letter in the body of your email, to editor Kyle Russell at Try to avoid submitting stories that are found on Strange Horizon’s list of stories they see too often. When you send your submission we will acknowledge that it has been received within a few days. Acceptances and rejections will be sent in late April, early May. Please query only if we do not confirm that we’ve received it, or if it’s mid-May and we have not accepted/rejected your story yet.

Happy writing!

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